Hotel Villa Igiea

Grand Hotel

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Overlooking the bay of Palermo, the Grand Hotel Villa Igea is one of Sicily’s most famous hotels. It was built following the wishes of the powerful Florio family towards the end of the nineteenth century, with interiors by Ernesto Basile, the master of Italian Art Nouveau. This splendid villa has in its time welcomed the most illustrious names of the international jet set.
As well as the charm of its atmosphere and its famous salons, the Grand Hotel Villa Igea boasts jasmine-scented gardens and a pool perched directly over the sea. It is without doubt a most evocative venue for banquets, events and meetings: its rooms, still possessing decorations and furnishings of rare beauty, together with efficient service, modern facilities and the flavours of its Mediterranean cuisine make a success of every event.
Excelsior Hilton Palermo

Excelsior Hilton

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Brought again to its original refined Liberty style and to the magnificent epoch of the Florio, Woodhouse and Whitaker families, the Hotel rises in front of the English park and beside Villa Garibaldi and Villa Trabia.
It seems to bring back to life again the 1891 International Exhibition of Palermo, in occasion of which the Hotel was built along the most elegant street of the city centre. The Excelsior Hilton offers to its guests the most modern confort.
Grand Hotel et des Palmes Palermo
Logo Grand Hotel et des Palmes

Grand Hotel
et des Palmes

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Since as far back as 1874, the Grand Hotel et Des Palmes has offered the most demanding of guests the best of hospitality in the true Palermo tradition. Gold and marble, mirrors and velvet together create in the Grand Hotel et Des Palmes a unique setting for the most important events.
For many years it was the obligatory meeting point for the greatest names of Sicilian society, the arts, culture and international finance. A favourite place of Richard Wagner, who found here the inspiration to complete his Parsifal, the Grand Hotel et Des Palmes welcomes its own guests into all the charm and fascination of a great epoch.